Corporate Sponsorship

Do you have a family member who has served?

Maybe a brother or uncle, a grandparent or cousin?
You can honour their brave service to Canada by sponsoring Friends of HMCS HAIDA.

Sponsorship will support our efforts to raise awareness of his significance in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Be a part of our legend… be a corporate sponsor!

The last Tribal Destroyer in the world, HMCS HAIDA is Canada’s most famous warship. He inspires countless adults and children and draw visitors from Ontario, across North America and from around the globe.

His pedigree and stories are the stuff of legend! The Friends of HMCS HAIDA ask for your generosity to support our mission: to preserve, promote and protect his proud Canadian legacy.

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of HMCS HAIDA Battle Honours, Arctic 1943-45 and we invite organizations to celebrate with us!

With much focus on the Canadian Arctic, including the announcement of the lead RCN ship icebreaking vessel HMCS Harry DeWolf, 2015 is going to be a significant year.

We welcome corporate sponsors to be part of our legend and to join us in honouring Canada’s Naval history.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship

  • Take advantage of a 100% tax deductible donation
  • Raise the profile of your corporate brand
  • Engage a new generation of Canadians to appreciate HMCS HAIDA’s proud Canadian legacy
  • Support the teaching and knowledge of Canada’s central role in both war and peace
  • Encourage market uplift of the Southern Ontario economy

How You Benefit From Corporate Sponsorship

Depending on your chosen sponsorship level you would receive the following:
  • Receive a Family Pass and a personal membership to Friends of HMCS HAIDA
  • Showcased your company in our Up Spirits newsletter and on our newly launched web site
  • Play “Sailor for a Day”, tour HMCS HAIDA and hear stories of life onboard ship from seasoned Navy volunteers
  • Invite your special guests to a private cocktail function on board the ship

The Friends of HMCS HAIDA need your support to tell her extraordinary stories! Learn about our ambitious plans, get excited about the past and the future then become a corporate sponsor. We offer sponsorship at various levels to make it easy for your company to be part of HMCS HAIDA’s legend, inspiration and excitement!

  • COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF – $10,000
  • ADMIRAL’S CIRCLE – $5,000
  • CAPTAIN’S CIRCLE – $1,000

  Be a part of our legend… be a corporate sponsor!