Salty dips

The idea for Salty Dips came from Hal Lawrence, author of A Bloody War and Tales of the North Atlantic, who was convinced that the personal recollections of Canadian participants in the wars at sea during WW 1 and WW II, and naval operations between wars are valuable to an understanding of Canadian history. In 1979 it was decided to regularly gather small groups of naval veterans in the HMCS BYTOWN Mess to tape-record the reminiscences of a principal narrator and make the recordings available to the Directorate of History, Department of National Defence.

Burl-Oak Naval Veterans is made up of a group of retired Naval and Canadian Armed Forces Veterans who have served in the Korean War, Cold War, and other Peacekeeping Missions throughout the world, as well as other members who are Veterans Advocates.

The Burl-Oak mission offers support to fellow Veterans and educates Canadian communities on the legacy and traditions of the Royal Canadian Navy. This is accomplished through multi-tiered educational programs focused on schools, youth groups, senior facilities, service clubs, military, and Legion parades and events. In addition, they offer to honor Veterans who have crossed the bar by providing “Poppy Services” upon family request.

They create “Active Remembrance” opportunities to support community involvement within the Cities of Burlington and Oakville by executing Naval Ceremonies at Spencer Smith Park Naval Monument such as The Battle of the Atlantic, D-Day, Korean War, Merchant Naval Day and Sunrise Service on Remembrance Day.

They meet every Wednesday from 1130 -1330 hrs. at the Halton Naval Veterans Ass’n, 2444 Industrial Street in Burlington, ON L3P 1A5.