Motor Cutter Partnership

Dedication Service of the Motor Cutter Exhibit

The Legacy of HMCS HAIDA’s Motor Cutter (built in 1945)

  • Saved eight sailors on April 29, 1944, when HMCS ATHABASKAN was sunk off the coast of France. (128 sailors lost)
  • Able Seaman Jack Hannam, Leading Seaman William Maclure and Stoker William Cummings arrived safely in Penzance, England after the exhausting trip through the English Channel.
  • Travelled 100 mile trip to England with 11 sailors saved from HMCS Athabaskan with the cranky engine.
  • Seaman, William Cummings was awarded a Mention in Despatches for his efforts to fixing the engine.
  • In 1990, the motor cutter was restored and it was exhibited in the Ontario place beside HMCS HAIDA.
  • August 14th 2007, Parks Canada in conjunction with the Hamilton Port Authority restored the Motor cutter in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Friends of HMCS HAIDA, Parks Canada built the permanent storage space for the Motor cutter with help of local high school students and teachers.
  • We send our special thanks to the students, schools and two dedicated teachers, Paul Cheeseman and Mike Marino for helping us to build the Motor Cutter Display and preserving the valuable naval history.
Royal Visit
On November 5th, 2009 Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited HMCS HAIDA

Partnership with students and schools

Maxwell, Dillon
Penton, Julian

Tav, Sophal

Fountain, Ryan
Samson, Brad
Wood, Scott
Pawluk, Mike

Green, Mackenzie
Rattray, Dillon

Hill Park
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Stewart, Brandon
Ross, Josh

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