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   — HMCS HAIDA, is a last tribal class destoyer in the World and the National Historic Site. Friends of HMCS HAIDA has been established in 1989 to preserve and promote legacy of HMCS HAIDA.

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   — On August 25-26, the Friends of H.M.C.S. HAIDA along with their partner Parks Canada, will host the 75th birthday for the last Tribal Class destroyer in the world, and Canada's most famous warship H.M.C.S. HAIDA.

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Athabaskan Commemorative Day Photo Gallery - April 28, 2013

Korean War Naval Commemorative Day Photo Gallery - July 28 2012

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HMCS HAIDA Leave Heddle Marine Photo Gallery - Dec 17 2016
   — HMCS HAIDA Leave Heddle Marine Photo Gallery - Dec 17 2016

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