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A Unique and Exciting Location for Your Next Event!

Is your organization looking for a unique and exciting location for your next event? If so, consider HMCS Haida to host your upcoming event. Loaded with history and the finest Naval pedigree, HMCS Haida will impress and inspire your organization while offering a beautiful location on Hamilton’s stunning waterfront.

Wardroom (maximum 12-30 persons)

Per Hour (2 hours minimum) $ 49.00
Per Day (9:30 am to 5 pm) $ 196.20
Per Evening (5 pm to sunset) $ 343.40

Deck with Canopy (maximum 50 persons)

Per Day (9:30 am to 5 pm) $ 343.40
Per Evening (5 pm to sunset) $ 490.60

Forward Mess Deck (maximum 100 persons)

Per Evening (5 pm to sunset) $ 490.60


Non-refundable deposit on bookings $ 49.00
Janitorial Services $ 49.00

All fees listed include applicable taxes and are subject to change.